Kelli Parker


Hello. I'm Kelli.

Get-it-Done Professional & Energetic Team Lead

With a background in journalism, art and business, and more than 16 years of experience as a graphic designer, editor, illustrator and entrepreneur, I love paper, haiku, many shades of purple, peonies and the way new babies smell. I have a habit of doing way more than is required and obsessing over the tiniest details.


I like to design things that I hope will make people happy. I am the mother to a girl who has taught me to enjoy being a little person in a really big city. I am the wife to a person who has always believed in me even when I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I work really hard and I fight for what I want. I try to spend my time doing things that make me happy because life is too short to not enjoy the ride. Also, I love pizza. A lot. Let's talk.

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Why should you hire me?

Much more than just another creative

Collaborative Vision

Digital design is an art that drives consumer delight and designers are catalysts that mix ideas, push concepts and find the best way to elevate brands. I am energized working with people from diverse disciplines — executives, marketing, product management, internal development teams and beyond — to translate strategies into compelling, executable concepts and solutions.

Ambitious Problem Solver

I don't believe in design without purpose. Form must follow function. Compelling design is a science that plays a role in solving problems to improve the consumer experience. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting into the graphic nitty-gritty but my ultimate goal is to be a 'thought-leader' and provide inspiration alongside solid ideas.

Strategic Risk Taker

A seasoned entrepreneur, I think like a business owner and identify opportunities to grow the business and the brand in ways related indirectly or directly to my areas of expertise. I'm always looking for exciting opportunities and I'm not afraid to take risks in the name of making things better.

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