Kelli R. Parker

Design Thinker

Why you'll love me

I make, execute, coordinate, manage, fulfill, and get things done.

With a background in journalism, art and business, and more than 20 years of experience as a graphic designer and entrepreneur, I love pizza, paper, many shades of purple, peonies, and abstract impressionist art.

Collaborative Vision

I am energized working with people from diverse disciplines — executives, marketing, product management, engineering teams, and beyond — to translate creative ideas into compelling solutions.

Ambitious Problem Solver

I believe dynamic design is a science that plays a role in solving problems to improve the user experiences. I can roll up my sleeves and get granular but I'm most comfortable as a thought leader providing inspiration alongside solid ideas.

Strategic Risk Taker

A seasoned entrepreneur, I think like a founder and identify opportunities to grow business in ways related indirectly or directly to my areas of expertise. I'm always looking for new opportunities and I'm not afraid to take risks in the name of making things better.


What they're saying

  • "Her work is clean, crisp, both tasteful and contemporary and reflects her intelligence, focus and uncompromising vision."

    Richard Lovrich
  • "Kelli is the only graphic designer I have ever met who has deep expertise in numerous media. She is a lifelong learner and has the ability to match her talents with the needs of her team and her clients."

    Anthony Graves
  • "Everything you touch seems to turn into the best thing I've ever seen! Kelli, seriously, I don't know if I'll ever be able to thank you enough."

    Mary-Stuart Jacobstein
  • "Kelli is that rare person who is both incredibly creative and incredibly disciplined. Her work is always original, visually compelling and effective; her execution is flawless. Anyone who strives for excellence will find her a dream to work with."

    Sara Clemence
  • "From the very first time we met to discuss what we were looking for, Kelli did an amazing job guiding us through the process. She held our hands as we answered, "Uh, we're not sure" to her many questions. Ultimately, she was able to produce the most amazing pieces we could imagine."

    Lisey & Tucker Perry

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